Are you struggling to build a £5K+/monthly coaching business?

Get this INTENSE training that guides you in building a £5K coaching blueprint for FREE. It consists of 7 video lessons, 2 bonus trainings and a 65-page workbook. Focus on the steps that really matter.






  • Check out our range of business, professional and personal development self-paced trainings for your overall success!

  • Do you want an organized system to design and launch your signature online business in 12 weeks? Or perhaps, you want to lose 10 to 30 lbs in 12 weeks?

  • Do you need help with any of the following: editing or designing your sales or landing page; developing your ideal client avatar; reviewing your webinar slides; organizing yourself, so you could be more productive and efficient; going on live video via facebook, zoom etc; creating an action plan to launch your own signature coaching business?

Dr. Melissa Tranquille

Dr. Tranquille is the Director and Founder of MT Training Enterprises Ltd. We provide coaching and training solutions for your business, professional and personal development need. Visit the 'WHAT WE DO' section to find out more.
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Here's what my wonderful clients had to say!

  • Melissa is the first one on one coach I have ever had. She came to my rescue when I needed to get some personal definition and structure to my online journey. What a joy it has been to work with her. Melissa is also well versed with many of the technical steps I had to take. She is extremely organized and has logical systems in place to track your progress, thus keeping you accountable. I highly recommend her.

    Lloyd Portman Online Coach
  • Melissa is very open-minded, knowledgeable and skilled. I'm in good hands. Her outlook says - it may not be easy but let's do it anyway.

    Emma Miller
  • I was thoroughly impressed with Melissa's tips on improving my business' visibility. The consultation was worth it.

    Kim Eugene

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