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13 Top Money Saving Tips

How many of us would love to learn of more and more ways we can save money? Raised hands for me! We are a family of six, so those tips come in quite handy. Those few extra dollars can go into my sons’ piggy bank; purchase a new shoe for my daughter or towards a lunch date with my husband.  I’m sure you too can come up with several valuable ways you can use those extra dollars.  Now, the tricky thing is, although we are knowledgeable of many of the tips that I am about to share, we sometimes don’t practice them.  This is because we have adopted old habits which are often times very difficult to break. My recommended approach is to make small changes, which eventually results in brand new habits.

So, let’s have a look at Thirteen Top Money Saving Tips.


  1. Turn your computer off when not in use.

I am guilt of this one.  I tend to keep my computer on in sleeping mode so I can jump right back in when I’m ready.  However, it is wiser to shut it down when ever you are finished using it.  In this way it consumes lesser amounts of energy and also prolongs the life of your computer.


  1. Have fun cleaning your own car.

The cost of having your car washed through a car washing station on a weekly basis, can easily pile up over the months.  Thus, washing your own car can help you save lots of money. If you have kids, get them involved and profit to turn it into a family bonding moment.


  1. Turn the television off when no one is watching it.

This is one tip I do need to adhere to.  We often times leave our television on, but muted on CNN or one of the news channels.  If no one is actually watching the TV, then turn it off!  It is one of the things that can contribute to a rising electricity bill.


  1. Turn off the lights when you leave your place.

The cost of energy increases every year.  I make a very special effort to teach my children the different ways that you can conserve energy.  Although you may tend to feel more secure by leaving your lights on when you go out at nights; it can can cause your energy bills to soar.  I would suggest that rather than leaving several lights on, you can leave only one light on and install a sensor light in your gardens.


  1. Eat healthily and exercise regularly

Adopting healthy eating habits and regular exercise will help to reduce your medical bills.  Since you won’t be visiting your doctor all the time and having to pay for medicines.  I also recommend that you invest in multivitamin supplements to support your healthy diet. My husband and I take our daily supply of probiotics, fish oil and multivitamins.  Even our kids take their multivitamin pills.


  1. Don’t turn on the water faucet at its maximum level.

I must confess that when I discovered this one, I was surprised.  You learn something every day.  Apparently, when you turn the water at its maximum level it causes your water bills to soar.  Also, always ensure that pipes are properly closed.  Sometimes, it is good to go back to check after your kids.  They sometimes leave the pipe running unawares.


  1. Start cooking your own meals.

If you ever were to take the time to calculate how much it costs for you to buy lunch every day, or eat out every time that you go out- you will be amazed at how much you spend.  Undoubtedly, cooking your own meals could help you save lots of money. This is because buying the ingredients for a certain recipe is definitively more affordable, than eating out in restaurants or fast food chains. Just make sure to cook healthy meals, so that you can also ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need. Now, I am not suggesting that you do not spoil yourself at times.  Certainly, treat yourself at least once every week.


  1. Buy basic things in wholesale prices.

There are lots of basic things that a person needs and buying it in retail prices can pile up the cost. Thus, it is best if you buy them in bulk, since that would give you a chance to purchase them in wholesale prices. In doing this, you would be able to save lots of money, aside from the fact that you can have good supply of your needs. For example, I buy baby wipes in bulk.


  1. Profit when stores have sale promotions, especially those offered after the holidays.

This is one that I personally practice very often.  You can save lots of cash when you shop after the Christmas season.  I tend to buy birthday gifts and other necessities then.


  1. Avoid shopping with your credit cards.

The interests upon interests that pile on when we shop with our credit card is alarming.  It is best to save the credit cards for emergency situations only. Every purchase that you make with your credit card, adds to your existing debt and your monthly surcharge; thus, it is time that you leave them at home when you go out to shop.


  1. Learn to Do It Yourself (DIY)

Becoming a DIY person can help you to save money. Recently, we wanted to remodel our front and back garden.  We have a large back garden but a very small front garden.  A local company informed us that it will cost £800 to £1000 to remodel the front garden.  My husband decided to buy all the materials and do it ourselves.  So,he turned it into a family event.  Our two big boys helped paint the fences.  I helped my husband install.  He did the gardening aspect and our lovely daughter provided us with her company.  Today, we get complements when people come by, but above all we saved ourselves a tremendous cost.  I understand that there are things that we are unable to do ourselves.  But, when you do get an opportunity to learn something new and save some money in the interim, then why not do so!


  1. Reassess your gym membership.

In order to have a healthier body, you must visit the gym on a regular basis. However, if your busy schedule prevents you from visiting it at least thrice a week, then you should cancel it. It will be more profitable if you work out at home due to your hectic schedule.  In this way, you save both time and money.


  1. Making a list for the grocery.

When you are shopping at a grocery store, chances are you would end up going over your budget if you won’t bring a list with you. Thus, it is a good idea to make a list of all the things that you really need. Aside from that though, make sure to take note of the prices of the grocery items, so that you already have an idea how much you are going to spend when you buy your groceries.


What about you? Do you have any money saving tips which you practice regularly?  Feel free to share them below and thanks for reading!

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