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Day 31 – 5 Awesome Tips to Quit Waiting for the Perfect Time and Take Massive Action on Your Goals

What is the one thing that you have been putting off, because you’ve been telling yourself that you are not ready? 

Permit me to ask you a few rhetorical questions.

– When you had your first child, were you ready?
– Were you ready for your first job?
– Were you ready for any of your past challenges which you have successfully overcame?

I’m sure that for most, if not all of us, we were unprepared for many of those major life changes or events. Nevertheless, we jumped into the water and just began to swim. Still, despite various successes, we keep delaying our desired goals, because we convince ourselves through our self-talk that we’re not ready. 

So, this blog post is written to encourage you to quit waiting for the perfect time, get out of your comfort zone and go after your goals. It concludes with five awesome tips to help you quit the waiting game and take massive action on your goals.

Quit Waiting…

Quit waiting for the perfect job to start saving for your new house, or to start planning for that long awaited family vacation. Quit waiting for that ‘perfect opportunity’, or the right ‘amount of cash’ to launch your new business venture or to write your book. You are the only one who can make the decision to take massive action, so you can have the life that you truly desire.

The truth of the matter is there is no perfect time for anything. The ‘perfect time syndrome’, will only augment your struggle with perfectionism, procrastination, excuses and self-sabotage. The resulting effect is low motivation, low confidence, unhappiness and a sense of feeling stuck in life.
When we read the stories of some of the most successful people, we discover that their successes are primarily due to their willingness to take risks, take massive action and face their adversities, challenges and fears head on.

Five Ways to Quit Waiting and Start Taking Massive Action

So, here are five key things that you can do to quit waiting for the perfect time and take massive action on your goals.

1. Know what you really want.

In most cases, inaction is due to a lack of clarity on your goals. If this is your struggle, then I highly recommend a journey of self-discovery. This will help you ascertain what it is that you really want in your life. An excellent starting point, is to write a life vision statement for every area of your life and then prioritize. If you will like to learn how to discover your life purpose, then check out this BLOG POST.

2. Determine your ‘Why Factor’.

Many persons lose motivation or fail to take action because they have not identified their big why. Why did you decide to leave your job and start your own business? Although you feel like giving up on that degree program; what were your primary reasons for making the commitment? Take for instance, you may have a desired goal to lose 10kg within the next 6 months. However, why is this important to you? Perhaps, it is because you suffer with diabetes or some other illness and is necessary for your improved health. Perhaps you big WHY is related to the boost of confidence and energy that you feel when you exercise and this helps you to remain focused on your goals. Hence, recalling your big why or finding it out, is essential for taking massive action and staying motivated, even when you don’t feel like it.

3. SMART Planning

Many persons set big goals and fail to break them down into achievable and actionable steps. This leads to overwhelm because they are focused on all the big goals that they have to accomplish. However, break your goals down using the SMART Method. The SMART method is not only applicable to business, but can equally be applied to your personal life. This permits you to gain significant clarity on what it is that you have to achieve; why you need to obtain it; how you are going to accomplish it; how you would know that you have obtained the desired results, and the relevant time frame for doing so.

4. Take Action

Taking action becomes easier once you have completed the process described in Step 3 above. This enables you to identify a clear path towards your desired result. Every time that you accomplish your small actionable steps, it draws you closer to your big goals.

On some occasions, our actions are inhibited by our bad habits. Hence, during this stage it is essential to review your bad habits and make a commitment to overcome them. Some common habits which hinder our progress are perfectionism, procrastination and excuses. However, clarity on your goals and the path to achieve them can help you combat procrastination and excuses. You can also utilize specific self-talk to help you remain focused or to change your focus, in order to ensure your goal attainment.

5. Be Flexible

It is important to note that unforeseen events occur. In such cases, it is necessary to be flexible when working towards your goal. In no way does this mean, placing your goals on the back burner. Rather, adjust your actionable steps and timeline in order to accommodate any unforeseen events, whilst still remaining committed to your goals.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, our motivation increases when our needs are met. So take the necessary steps to discover what you truly want in life; design a plan to get there and take massive action. As you begin to experience and celebrate your small wins, then this will motivate you on your journey to success.

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