Tailored coaching and training solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals


Dr. Tranquille is the Director and Founder of MT Training Enterprises Ltd, which provides tailored coaching and training solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.


Presently, her core areas of focus are:

  • e-Consultancy Management Services
  • Corporate Wellness Training and Coaching
  • Work Life Balance Training and Personal Coaching
  • e-Coaching (individuals or groups)
  • Virtual training and workshops for Managers and Frontline Staff on Time Management, Delegating, Productivity, Stress Management, Managing Performance and Mindset Training for Managers
  • Mentoring business owners to set up their online coaching business
  • Designing your life using personal law of attraction coaching

These services are offered in the form of training programs, coaching programs (one to one or groups), webinars, masterclasses and workshops.


Dr. Tranquille comes from a rich background and has lived in different parts of the world, like Paris, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia and now the United Kingdom.  She has a love and appreciation for different cultures.


Her professional background is in the Education, Training, Consultancy and Management sector.

Persons have often described her as a highly professional and organised individual.  She also has excellent listening and communication skills, with a knack for motivating and inspiring others.


She possesses a Master’s of Science Degree in Human Resource Management and Human Resources Development and a Doctorate in Social Sciences from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.


She has taken her diverse professional background, personal experiences and personal development journey to empower individuals, organizations and their staff for success!

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