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In today’s blog post, my husband shares his wisdom on the Power of Discretion! Discretion is one of the most powerful tools that we have.  It directly impacts our peace of mind, happiness and freedom!


Have you ever wondered what a world without boundaries would look like? 

How would people react, if they had no regard for the things that they could do, or say to their fellow neighbour? 

Imagine living in a world deprived of care for one another?

For example, a world where we can go to work, and treat our boss cruelly.  After work, we stop at the supermarket and have a go at the cashier, because we want to.  Then we return home, still having no limits on the way we treat others. 

Have you ever been confronted with a situation which got you so angry, that you felt like ‘losing your cool, up in here, up in here?’ According to the popular song.   Or, what about the night at the dinner table when your beloved children spilled all the milk, after your arduous clean-up campaign.

Tell me, in each of these scenarios, should we lose our cool?

The answer of course is an unequivocal NO!.

What we ought to do, is to use our discretion. 

Friends, a failure to exercise discretion can lead to unwanted conflict and harm.

What is discretion?

Discretion can be defined as the quality of behaving or communicating with someone to avoid offence.  It is the act of deciding what ought to be done in a particular situation.

We exercise this judgement every day; in how we understand the world around us, people, circumstances, concepts and situations. Although most of the time, we are hardly aware of it, discretion plays a vital part in everything we do and say.

Discretion is a very powerful quality.

  1. It gives you an opportunity to consider someone else.

  2. It strengthens and matures you.  It takes both of these qualities to become more mindful of others and understand that they too have a right to an opinion.

  3. It empowers you. How? You become more conscious of your own ability to control yourself and choose the right outcome in any situation.  Here is a typical example.  You are driving down a dark road one night, the on-coming driver dazzles you with his headlamps, you can’t see a thing.  Does that give you the right to also dazzle the driver; or the next one that you meet further down the road?  This is your opportunity to judge a situation and make the choice to do the right thing.

  4. It is a starting point for mastering your emotions. When you find yourself in the face of conflict, remember to use your discretion.  Start by saying to yourself, “I am a master of my emotions, being discrete is my game and I’m going to win.”

My friends, discretion is a vital tool in managing your frustrations and stressors.  It is the dead-on tactic that will make you a winner in your judgement; when you decide to choose the outcome that will bring you peace and happiness!  So, give discretion a chance today! 

Thanks for reading! 

Peace and Love from Peak Living with Mel!

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Dr. Melissa Tranquille

I am Dr. Tranquille. Director and Founder of MT Training Enterprises Ltd. I provide tailored coaching and training solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. When I am not working, I am mothering my four kids, spending cosy time with hubby or squeezing in time for Insanity with Shaun T.

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