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Day 19 – 7 Ways You Are Wasting Time During the Day and How To Stop

Welcome to Day 19 in our 365-Blog Day Journey in Transforming lives for success.  In today’s blog, my husband David, shares 7 ways that you are wasting time during the day and how to stop.
People waste a lot of time every day and sometimes fail to come to grips that they are busy doing it. As you go through your day, it seems like time is just slipping by.  Then you reason with yourself: “why, didn’t I achieve my goals planned for today?” 
Well, is it that you didn’t have enough time? Or, is it how you chose to use the time that you had? 
Tell me, have you ever found yourself in such a conundrum?

Well, here are 7 ways that you might be wasting your time during the day and how you can change that.

1. Bathroom Time

The first suggestion might be considered a bit bizarre, but many people sometimes fail to check how much time that they actually spend in the bathroom. Some individuals waste a lot of time in the bathroom, watching silly you tube videos, or scrolling from one thing to the next. Instead of becoming addicted to watching these videos, you can spend that time listening to a Udemy Training or a podcast, which actually contributes to your personal or professional development.

 2. Complaining

Is it in your nature to complain? For example, if the dry cleaner repeatedly messes up your shirts, do you keep going to the same dry cleaners picking fights with them?  Complaining is a major time waster if it takes over a minute.  In other words, if your complaint cannot be resolved quickly, it is more beneficial for you to move on.  Why not try a more proficient dry cleaner?   Imagine yourself being stuck in traffic, getting all worked up and complaining; while the time goes on and you’re not still unable to move.  Rather than exposing yourself to the risk of high blood pressure, spend the time pondering on ways you can avoid getting stuck in traffic.    Can you leave earlier? Or, can you plan to take another route to keep clear of the frequent road repair?  Friends, I invite you to take a look at the stuff that you complain about; see how you can turn that “complaining time” around to achieve a positive outcome.

 3. Learning to let go

You can spend loads of money, time and effort on a project and it just doesn’t work.  Instead of continuously hitting your head against a brick wall, invest your resources in an area that’s profitable to you.  Investing in a project is an exciting experience. However, it is critical to assess your return on investment at a certain point.  This is where you ask yourself “is it really worth it?  Will this project really take off?”  Friends, if your answer is no, then simply drop it; cut your losses and move on.  Now, this does not only apply to your business or professional life.  It equally applies to your personal life. There may be a relationship, in which you have significantly invested, but things just won’t improve. Despite the pain, it may be best to break loose and move on.  Use that time to rebuild your life again.

 4. Setting impossible goals

It is in everyone’s nature to want success and happiness out of life.  We are wired that way.  This explains why you set goals in your life and work hard towards achieving them. However, you can get overambitious and set impossible goals for yourself. It’s like being the world’s greatest high jumper and challenging yourself to clear the bar at pole vault height.  Take a few steps back and asses your goals.  Use the SMART model to measure the possibility of actually achieving them.  By using the SMART model, you will gain much time, as your goals will be attainable and realistic.  Time is also critical in the SMART model.  We can enjoy making good use of our hours when our goals are reachable, rather than struggling with the virtually impossible. 

 5. Engaging in Gossip

Take time for re-cap.  Try to recapitulate on a typical work day.  Now, ask yourself who spends most of their time gossiping in the office? If your face turns red, then you know your answer.  Office gossip is another major time waster. People really do not enjoy being spoken about and it can cost you double the time if this grows into a fight.  Rather than joining the gossip bandwagon, turn yourself around and become a beacon of positivity.  This will help you to be a more productive person and you will stop wasting time.

 6. Things not in their rightful place

Most people waste time trying to create the impression that they are using it effectively.  In other words, they keep loads of files, letters, envelopes, and papers on their desk.  The catch here, is that you spend more time trying to locate a letter while sifting through stuff that you failed to file away.  The same applies to hour home or place of abode. If you refuse to allocate a place for everything, you waste precious time, always searching for stuff. For example, do you usually put – your watch, your water bottle, your journal, and other daily items in their rightful place after use?  If you make it a habit to put everything in its place, then you will spend less time ransacking your home to find that watch which perfectly matches your new dress or suit.  

 7. Social Media

Another huge time waster is your time spent on social media updating the vanity postings.  While it’s true that you are wonderful to look at, do people actually need to see 5 selfies per day?  Instead of posting your last meal or where you last shopped, post the things which will be profitable to you.  For example, spend your time posting a photo of a new product on Instagram that will gain you massive sales. Leave the photo of your jogging shoes for the weekend.

These are just a few examples of instances where you can make better use of your precious time.  Do not hesitate to put them into practice and see better value added to your time.  Make them a new habit and watch your life change today. Thanks for reading.

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Peace and love from Peak Living with Mel.

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