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Day 25 – How to Avoid Disruption and Get Things Done

By David Tranquille
“Disruption”! This is a frequently faced quandary which we sometimes wish that we would have never encountered. However, our days are faced with lots of disruptions. How can we manage, our even avoid some of our disruptors, and seize control of our day? This blog post presents 5 awesome tips for doing just that.
Disruption defined
Disruption can be simply be defined as: “problems which interrupt an activity or a process”. Each passing day you encounter disruptions. For example, the neighbourhood road construction that just doesn’t seem to end; or having to swerve to and fro to avoid being hit by a careless driver. Even being able to work without disruption is equally difficult, whether you are trying to settle down at work or working from home. Research indicates that over 50% of workers claim to have lost over an hour every day at the hands of disruption. This blog therefore presents 5 handy tips to help you destroy some of your disruptors and take back your day.
Tip #1 - Identify your disruptor
Determine what is disrupting you from producing your best quality work. Take all the time that you need to do this exercise. Visit your local coffee shop, with a little notebook. Have yourself a cup of coffee and make a note of all the times when you were disturbed by people, social media, work activities and even your own remote thoughts and concerns. Then, write down some foreseeable solutions for each disruptor. For example, are you continuously disrupted by your mobile phone? Do you need to have your mobile phone on your desk while working? If you don’t have to, then consider putting your phone in a safe place, either in your glove compartment, or your locker at work. You will have to go “cold turkey” for a little while, but you will master this disruption.
Tip # 2 - Use Headphones
Headphones are not only used for enjoying the latest music hits on the charts. Headphones are a great resource to manage your disruptions. Many companies and even people working from home use headphones. They tell others that you are tuned in to a task and the only thing that can disrupt you, is if a meteorite hits earth. They can also be used to block out disruptive noises and people. Unwanted noises can also be blocked out by using noise reducers. Some persons also use their headphones to listen to calm, soothing music, which helps them focus on a task.
Tip #3 - Avoid going online when working on important tasks
A lot of disruptions are caused by being online. While online, you are frequently being barraged with emails, pop-ups, ads, invites and so on. One of the easiest ways to deal with this kind of disruption is to disconnect from the internet when you want to get your work done. If you are working on a project which doesn’t require the internet, then shut down your internet browser. Or perhaps work on a computer which can’t connect to the internet. If needed, you can also make use of a word processor to avoid any disruptions. By so doing, you can sit quietly at the seaside and type without any distractions.
Tip #4 - Adjust your work schedule
If you are working in a busy environment, with lots of interruptions, then consider modifying your working hours. Perhaps, you can start your work day an hour or two earlier. Alternatively, you can leave an hour or two later. This gives you the quiet time needed to focus on important tasks, in the absence of any interruptions. For persons who work from home, then there are a lot more possibilities. If your body can sustain it, consider working through the night until 2 a.m. Not everyone can do this. So don’t feel left out if this does not work for you. Most people believe that working from home would be like living their dream. On the other hand, not everyone can adapt to that lifestyle. Some persons can operate more effectively within a more societal environment. To them, working from home can become a bit too isolated. On the other hand, it can be quite frustrating if you’re unable to control the actions of roommates or family members.
Tip #5 - Rent affordable office space
This is a great way to minimize some of your disruptions. Many consultants, entrepreneurs or self employed individuals rent affordable office space. Some companies allow individuals to share the rent. There is also a receptionist available to handle visitors and calls on your behalf. In this way, you can lock yourself in your office, free from any distractions or disturbances. I hope these handy tips will add some value to your work day, and help you to minimize your disruptions. A profitable day keeps the negative thoughts away. Thanks for reading this blog. Go quickly and use these tips. Don’t stay sitting there or you may end up saying this blog disrupted you.
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