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By David Tranquille

Would you like some inside tips on how successful people manage their time? Here are 6 awesome keys that can make a major difference in your life right now.

I grew up on an old saying, which gives significant insight into the habits of successful people. It goes like this: “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Such a saying illustrates that there is a direct correlation between an early start to the day and successful outcomes. Research also demonstrates that almost 90% of top performing company executives, kick start their day before 6:00 am. Of course, their morning routines may differ, but the goal remains the same. That is, to do that which appeals to you and fills you with the energy and motivation that you need, to remain focused on your goals.

Some early risers start their day with an intense early morning workout, whilst others with a period of meditation. Some prefer getting ahead with their work, whilst there are others who believe that their day would be more rewarding, if it begins with prayer. Whatever it may be, whether it is a To-do list, or an inspiring book, to keep them positively charged for the day, they make the choice to start early. So, in today’s blog post, we explore six key ways successful people manage their time.

Limit Distractions!

Successful persons endeavour to be more mindful about the distractions that cross their way, or their desk, throughout the day. They recognize that distractions only kill their momentum and hinder them from achieving the most important tasks. They also place a time value on everything that they do, including distractions. Here’s a little experiment. Try monitoring how much time was spent on your distractions for one week. You may be surprised by the results. If you wish to go further and discover how to avoid distractions, then ClICK HERE.

Work On Complex Tasks First

Successful people pursue their most important tasks first. It is usually during their earliest hours, in the absence of constant distractions and interruptions. This is a great strategy, because our energy level is generally higher during the earlier hours of the day. So, once you get the right start to your day, there is greater possibility of having a more successful outcome. In other words, the willpower to rise up and practice good time management skills before dawn, keeps you motivated and carries you through the day.

Proper Team Management

Successful persons do not operate as an island. They harness the power of team work. They delegate and aim to build all members of their team in order to achieve overall success. They also value the input and feedback from their team members, since it plays a great role in organizational decision making.

Email Management System

In today’s world of information overload, it is essential that you adopt good email management practices. First of all, successful persons use their inbox as a checklist. After getting rid of spam and unimportant emails, they go through important emails and delete them as the task is done. If it’s not urgent, then they use reminders. This not only puts the task on delay, but helps them to maintain a clear head, so they can focus on priority tasks. The Gmail boomerang system is a great tool to help you manage your emails. Boomerang enables you to better sequence emails. Here, you write an important email and set a specific date for it to be delivered. For example, if you know your colleague will be out of office for the week, you can schedule the email to be delivered to him/her upon their return to work. Boomerang also allows you to deal with non-urgent emails at a future date. For instance, you can push an email to return to you on the day that you need to deal with it, by just clicking on the boomerang icon.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

Now, based on the above illustrations, you may be wondering if successful persons have a personal life. The answer is yes! And guess what, they plan ahead. Successful people plan their leisure and family activities. They understand how this will contribute to their overall well-being, happiness and success.

Enjoy A Hobby!

Do you want to be a great achiever? Then here’s an important key – start planning your off time. Yes sometimes it pays to be spontaneous – but not all the time. Get into the habit of using some of your time off, to enjoy a hobby. Plan to play your guitar for half an hour, or to take a walk next to the lake or the public flower garden. If you don’t have hobbies, then I invite you to search yourself and find something that you can be passionate about. Indulging in a hobby helps to relax your mind, stimulate your creativity and rejuvenate your energy, so you can have the right mindset to recommit at work and succeed at your goals.

There is another saying. “When you live in Rome, do as the romans do!” In other words, if you want to be successful, then study the habits of successful persons. This is a key element in neurolinguistic programming. I am certain that you may discover practices that you can apply to your own life and help you attain further success and happiness.

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