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Do you sometimes feel like there is someone out there sabotaging your success?

Tell me, do you think at times that this person does all that they can to block your progress?

It seems that regardless of what you do, this person has a personal vendetta towards you. This leaves you feeling exasperated and frustrated.  You then fall victim to unhelpful thoughts, which leads you to thinking that your life is one giant disappointment.

Can you relate to this?

Well, don’t get too excited and begin to identify names. 


This person is not a bully from your past, or your archnemesis.  It is not a family member, co-worker, church member or even your boss.

Actually, this person is YOU.

The number one person who will always get in your way of success, happiness and total fulfilment in life, is you.

Only you have the power to sabotage your success and happiness.

Believe me, even if a hundred people conspired against you, the human mind is so powerful and so unlimited, that somehow, some way, you will find a way out.

I’m sure we can all identify stories of persons who had all the wrong cards thrown at them.  They grew up in poverty or suffered some sort of abuse.  They were addicts or experienced certain traumatic events, yet they were able to achieve success. Yet, they were able to pursue a life that they had only dreamt about.

How was this possible?

They simply made the decision to change the way they think, so they can have different outcomes in life.  And by so doing, they chose to keep a check on their mental and emotional habits.

It is important to bear in mind that whatever situation that you are in right now, it is as a result of your past choices.

I know that some persons reading this right now may feel the urge to dispute this. However, this is yet again your mind seeking to use excuses or find a reason to point the finger at someone else.

There is a NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Framework which persons can use to seek opportunities and possibilities in life. It is referred to ‘at cause’ or ‘at effect’. 

Someone who is subjected to the ‘at effect’ framework typically views themselves as victims. They are influenced by events external to them. 

The truth of the matter is, the more you focus on passing blame unto others and the circumstances that are beyond your control, the more likely you are to stay in the same place.  In fact, there is a strong possibility that you might make things worst for yourself.  Since you may tell yourself that you are incapable of change or of achieving any good thing in life.

Whereas, someone who adopts the ‘at cause’ framework approaches life from a place of responsibility.  Although, you may be the victim of a situation, your perspective is that you can switch your thinking and take responsibility for what happens next.

So, if you want to change your thinking and change the outcomes that you are getting in life, then ask yourself the following question. 

What can I do differently to get the results that I want?

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You can have the life that you desire, but you have to make the decision to take responsibility for your life and the outcomes that you are getting in your life.

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I am Dr. Tranquille. Director and Founder of MT Training Enterprises Ltd. I provide tailored coaching and training solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. When I am not working, I am mothering my four kids, spending cosy time with hubby or squeezing in time for Insanity with Shaun T.

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