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Day 34 – 4 Top Secrets to Achieve Your Goals, Overcome Hindrances and Attain Success

How many of you have labelled certain desired achievements as only a dream?

Tell me, are you sometimes filled with regret because of things you haven’t accomplished?

Or do you fall victim to the ‘would have been’ scenario? For example, if I had done this….by now I would have been… or, if I had not done this… by now my life would have been?

Do you even allow yourself to dream big goals?

My friends, I’m here to tell you that it is very important to dream big.  It fills you with purpose, motivation and drive. It also helps you to have a more positive outlook on life, where you focus on possibilities instead of obstacles. 

Indeed to get from where you are now to where you want to be demands faith in that dream.  However, like the good book says: ‘faith without works is dead’ (James 2:14-26).  Hence, we will only accomplish our goals when our faith is coupled with works.

So, what works do we need to pay attention to, in order to have the life that we desire?

1.Mindset Work

There are many persons who regard an investment in mindset as a frivolous expense.  Yet, when we listen to the countless of success stories from experts, athletes, entrepreneurs and even celebrities; they emphasize the importance of mindset work in overcoming hindrances and attaining success.

Many individuals attribute physical,emotional or financial reasons for their failure to achieve their dreams. In the majority of instances, these are not the primary reasons. Do you know that most of the world’s richest started penniless?  Here is an astounding example.  The infamous Sam Walton, who founded Wal-Mart, was at the bottom of the debt spiral when he started.  Did that stop him from having his place among the world’s richest people? Certainly not!

So, if money is not the issue, then what is? My friend, the indelible truth is… your mindset!  Take the necessary steps, like, self-affirmations, prayer, meditation, personal development courses, self-help books or even hire a coach to help you to adopt a winning mindset.


2. Personal Development Work

Many individuals fail to invest in their personal or skills development.  Investment in your skills, training and further development should continue throughout your life.  Sometimes, achieving a big goal demands that you reposition yourself for success.  This may mean going back to school or learning a new trade. 

Take a few moments and perform you own Training Needs Analysis.  Identify those goals that you desire to achieve and the skills that are needed to achieve that goal.  Evaluate your skills and determine those which you need to develop or enhance in order to become more competent at that task, activity or job.

In many instances we hold ourselves ransom and unknowingly demand from ourselves an unfulfilled life, because we resist stepping out of our comfort zone. 


3. Habit Assessment Work

Habits play a contributory role to the outcomes you have in life.  There are good habits and bad habits.  Good habits obviously contribute to a more successful, rewarding, happier and healthier life.  Whereas, bad habits hinder your progress and advancement in life.

Committing yourself to one good habit is a great starting point to turning your life around.  Just remember to be patient with yourself, because it takes at least 21 days to make a new habit.

On the other hand, be honest with yourself and recognize those habits which you need to change.  For example procrastination, perfectionism, failing to plan or poor time management. Such habits hinder your progress and can cause you to feel like a loser when you fail to reach your goals.  Thus, take the time to identify your poor habits and replace them with new ones.


4. Focus on your ‘must-dos’ work

Breaking bad habits and changing your life becomes much easier when you decide to turn your “should dos into must dos”.

Most of us are aware of the things that we should be doing. 

-We should start a daily exercise routine. 

-We should devote more time to our business goals. 

-We should make time for family. 

However, we tend to fall into the “perfect time” trap.  

-I will join the gym and start buying healthier food when I get that promotion. 

-I will start my degree when the children are older. 

So, we prefer to wait for the perfect time, the perfect job, the perfect partner, and then the list becomes exhausting. 

It is therefore time to turn your should-dos into must-dos.  By so doing, you instruct your subconscious to act on those things that are important to you.

Start by changing your mentality towards the things that you should be doing and recognize the urgency in doing them. 


These four steps are four crucial pieces to goal attainment, overcoming hindrances and achieving success in your life.  Continue to invest in your personal and professional development.

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