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Day 35 – Will winning a million dollars really make you happy?

I want to begin by asking you this very question.  Will winning a million dollars really make you happy? Everyone wants to win a million dollars, because they perceive it to be the key to solving all their problems. 

How often have we heard the stories of million-dollar lottery winners, whose stories unfortunately, all ended the same?  A couple years later, you learn of their tragedy, where they are once again scraping the pennies together. They too believed the big lie, that we have been fed with for a very long time.  The lie is this.  If your circumstances change, then you will become happy.  If you get the job of your dreams, the car that you always wanted or even won the lottery; then you will be happy.

The concept sounds logical, but it is far from the truth.  What is most unfortunate, is that many persons believe this lie. The truth of the matter is, a lie can be repeated a billion times and it will still not be the truth.

So, what is the truth?

The truth is this.  All those individuals who were in receipt of millions and millions of lottery dollars experienced a change in their circumstances, but not their mindset.  They did not change the way they think.  They did not change their assumptions, limiting beliefs, bad habits or even disciplined their mind.

On the contrary, when we study persons with stories from rags to riches, they all relate to you the profound changes that happened within. Some call it a paradigm shift.  Some call it a mindset shift.  Some refer to it as ‘the secret’.  Regardless of the title, their stories have similar characteristics.

Here are TEN characteristics which I have discovered that they all share in common.

  1. They have a definite purpose.
  2. They have a plan of action.
  3. They are flexible, but remain focused on their goal.
  4. They discipline their mind.
  5. They control their habits.
  6. They are enthusiastic about their dream.
  7. They always seek for a positive learning experience from every negative outcome.
  8. They are optimists.
  9. They invest in their self-development.
  10. They never lose faith.

I sincerely believe, that if you would seriously consider the ten characteristics listed above, you can take profound steps to changing your mindset and experiencing true happiness, even whilst on the journey to your big goal.

Yes, there are critics who may argue, that for the wealthy, their gain was due to the opportunities that were presented to them.  If this was the case, then why don’t the majority of persons who are presented with opportunities every day, fail to make the most of it?  Again, the answer is simple.  They had the wrong mindset, wrong attitude and the wrong habits, so these opportunities just slipped through their fingers.

However, when you take the time to work on your mindset, then you are in a better position to you use your external circumstances to trigger an internal change.  When you have grasped this, then you will understand why a million dollars, or a hundred million dollars, is not going to make you happier. The satisfaction gained from the external change in your circumstances will only be temporary.

It is more profitable to focus on sustained changes.  This can only be achieved by searching within and making those changes for a more positive and successful mindset.

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I can guarantee you that if you do the work, then you will have a breakthrough!

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