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Day 41 – Happiness is Your Choice to Make

Have you ever felt stifled from the inside out?

Your thoughts weigh so heavily, as if gravity is just not sufficient to keep you grounded.

Your dark thoughts keep you consistently looking down the dark tunnel…and this tunnel only leads to one destination … failure, weaknesses, and self-sabotage. 

There are other times when we are so caught up in our head, that we feel like we are two places at the same time.

For instance, you are present at the dinner table with your family, but you’re also re-living that heated argument with your boss.

But truly, are you two places at the same time?

Or, are you just another place at this present time? 

Here’s what I think.

Although you are physically in the room, you are in fact absent in person. 

The painful thing here is that those who truly care about you are missing you; whilst you are missing the precious moment with them.  So, this can be viewed as a typical lose – lose situation.

Of course, living in the moment is not always easy, especially when other concerns keep dominating your thoughts. But what really is happening is that these concerns are stealing your peace of mind and take your happiness captive.

When you lose your joy, it’s always replaced by something else.  Your lost joy is replaced with discomfort, worry, fear or anxiety. All these emotions are rooted in unhappiness.

Then, when you give into that feeling of unhappiness, fear or worry, there is a rippling effect.  By this I mean, that these negative emotions can be contagious; thereby negatively impacting those around you.

Here’s a personal story of mine relating an experience when my happiness was held hostage.

After spending tireless days and sleepless nights preparing for a job interview, I did not have my desired result.  I really wanted this job, because it was in close proximity to my home, the salary was attractive and there were numerous perks and benefits.  I believed that I would have had a favourable outcome, because I had been in the exact role before, in the exact industry. 

However, the negative news struck me like a lightning bolt. I was not prepared for this. 

I returned home downhearted. A tsunami of destructive thoughts followed.

 – You’re not good enough,

 – I know what I said made sense. They must have had a good laugh after I left the room.

Friends, in a matter of minutes, my entire world  was switched from far east to far west.

When I arrived home, I spent the evening wondering.  Everyone could tell that something wasn’t right. This distraught feeling lasted till dinner.

I was totally silent at the dinner table.  I was present in body, but not in mind. I said to myself, “I can handle this like man; take it on the chin.”  Well guess what, I did take it on the chin. My wife became worried… and guess what, I missed out on doing the man’s thing – giving her a complement.  My kids were upset, because their mum was upset and then the baby started screaming because everyone was upset.  So there I was, seated at the dinner table, unhappy and my unhappiness had contaminated everyone else.

I later humbled myself  and received the positive words that were being offered to me.  It was then that I realised that what I really needed, was to let go of my own thoughts and take hold of the present moment.

I then became more aware of the moment.  I recognized that it was actually the first time of the day that I had been with my wife and children – at the dinner table; and they did not deserve this. I allowed myself to take in the wonderful aroma of the meal my wife had prepared. My taste senses came alive and I began to enjoy the stories that my children were sharing.  It felt like I had woken up from a  very bad dream. 

I’m sure that you too can pull up a story or two.

The best take away for me was realising that the only distance between my unhappiness and my peace of mind, were the thoughts I entertained.

Nothing had changed!

The same situation had still existed; everything was just as it was minutes ago. 

You see friends; thoughts can pull or push you depending on what you choose to embrace. 

Imagine it  like walking down a road.  Your destiny depends on the direction that you choose to take.

It’s time to build your own firewall and stop the infiltrator – your negative thoughts.

Today, choose happiness over worry, anxiety and fear. 

Do it on purpose, until it becomes a new habit.

Regardless of the situation, choose to be picky and take happiness over heaviness.

Happiness is your choice to make.

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