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Our 365-Day Transformational Journey in Empowering Lives for Success! Day 4

Hello again my dear friend! Today I want to share with you something which many entrepreneurs and professionals tend to overlook.  However, if addressed, it can help you to be more organized; better manage your time and feel less overwhelmed and stressed. It is the issue of CLUTTER.

what is clutter?

It is difficult to define clutter because there are many types of clutter.  Such as: psychological clutter, emotional clutter, physical clutter and career clutter.  Nonetheless, when I think of what clutter does, I will define it as this.

 Something which inhibits you from achieving optimum performance.  Clutter also causes you significant stress, overwhelm, fear and can lead to further mental health issues.

As part of my entrepreneurial journey today, I wish to focus particularly on physical clutter.

How many times have you placed a document on your desk but can’t seem to find it when needed?

How many times have you saved a document, but when you type the name in the search bar on the computer; it doesn’t come up?

What about your office desk? 

Can you tell the last time that you cleared it out?

You see my friend, physical clutter can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress.   

So, I urge you to take the time today to perform the following physical decluttering:

– your office desk 

-your work station

-files on your computer

-and even your home

Let's get it on....

So here are my recommendations for effective physical de-cluttering.

  1. Confront your office desk or work station.  Sort through your documents.  Scan those that can be stored on your computer.  Then file or discard them.

  2. Clean up your office desk and organize your tools and equipment.  Remember, to have a place for everything.  It saves times and makes it much easier to get on with your tasks, when you are able to quickly locate what is needed.

  3. Tidy up the rooms at your home.  Try to always leave one room free of any clutter; like clothes, toys etc.  This room can be quickly accessed when you need to de-stress or simply sit and read a book.

  4. Organize your computer files.  Make use of apps like Evernote to store key information and all your notes.

You see, adopting these steps will help you to more efficiently manage your time; alleviate stress and enhance your work performance.

This is just one of the key lessons that I wish to share today.

If you are a new entrepreneur, then run with this now! 

If you are an experienced and seasoned one, and struggle with clutter, now is the right time to make those changes!

Those changes will not happen unless you do something about it!

All the best with this task and try to find some enjoyment in doing it.


By attaching your intentions to your decluttering tasks.  For example, “if I do this, then my business life will be so much easier and stress free.  I will certainly get more done”.  This then puts you in the right frame of mind to perform your physical decluttering.

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Thanks for reading!

Peace and love from Peak Living with Mel!

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I am Dr. Tranquille. Director and Founder of MT Training Enterprises Ltd. I provide tailored coaching and training solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. When I am not working, I am mothering my four kids, spending cosy time with hubby or squeezing in time for Insanity with Shaun T.

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