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Our 365-Day Transformational Journey in Empowering Lives for Success! Day 1



Thanks for stopping by to read this post.

I want to begin by thanking all those who encouraged me to begin this 365 day Transformational Journey.  This blog post will be unlike any other I have written. For the next 365 days we will be writing Memos from My Heart!  They will be written on the spur of the moment and no fancy editing. We will be sharing the different phases, stages, challenges, struggles, victories and even lessons learnt on my entrepreneurial journey.  

So, please join me and let us run together!

Well, Day 1 should have started 4 months ago.  So, over the next three days, I will be summarising key experiences since the time that my husband and I first launched Peak Living with Mel.  Peak Living with Mel provides transformational life coaching to empower people for success in their personal, professional and business lives. Then going forward, from Day 4, I will disclose my exact experiences and lessons learnt on that day.

The Confusion...

The desire to work for myself has always been there.  Even when I was making over seven thousand a month, working for someone else.  However, desire is one thing, but making the decision is another.

Why do I say this?

Well, I battled with the actual decision for over a year.  I was pursuing my doctoral degree and pregnant with my third child. Up until the third year, I was working whilst pursuing my doctoral degree.  By the fourth year, I had to consider staying home, because the work had become so intense and demanded most of my time.  I was studying for a minimum of six hours a day.  This included, research, reading articles and writing. 

During that time off from work, I imagined re-entering the job market by successfully landing a great job at a university. However, with each passing day, I couldn’t fathom leaving my sweet daughter to pursue that dream.  Yet, I wanted to work.  I wanted to do something that I enjoy and make a valid contribution in my own way.

I knew deep down that returning to a day job was an unfavourable option.  I will lose the balanced family life that I try so hard to maintain.  Then, I had my fourth child and this was all the confirmation I needed.  Still, in my mind I struggled with the idea of working from home.


Because, the environment in which I grew up in, success was getting a great job.  Maybe your story is a bit different.  My confusion was being able to align my desire to work for myself with how I would actually feel about doing that.  You see, my self-esteem and self-worth came from having a great job!  I’ve had some great jobs and been paid well to do them.  For some reason, working from home made me feel of lesser significance and devalued. 

Honestly, I struggled with my mindset because I was unable to reconcile my desire to work from home, with my self-esteem.  This struggle continued even a few weeks after I had finally made the decision. 

The peace of finding clarity.....

Nevertheless, I understood that if I had to become a work-from home mom and a successful one, then I had to end this mental battle.  I prayed… and prayed for guidance.  Then, I reflected deeply on WHY I wanted to do this.  I listed all my reasons.

1. To maintain a balanced family life and be there for my kids.

2. So my husband and I can have the freedom lifestyle that we have always desired.

3. To do something that I am passionate about and help others make a difference in their lives.

4. To share my talent, skills, experiences and love with others and be a difference in my own little way.

Finding my WHY, GAVE ME GREAT CLARITY.  My mental battle ceased.  Instead, I was filled with desire, motivation and purpose. 

Lesson learnt...

There is a big take away from this, whether you are a new entrepreneur, budding one or a hard-core experienced one.  It doesn’t matter.  We all have to hold on to our WHY

  • Your WHY gives you purpose and a sense of direction.

  • Your WHY causes you to work harder and smarter.

  • Your WHY is the rock that you fall back on in the midst of a challenge.

  • Your WHY is one of the constant support that you need throughout that journey.  This is the reason for me choosing the picture above with the hand supporting the tree.

Now, your WHY may change as your business grows and expand.  Perhaps, at first, you wanted to help people in your local community, but now you want to go nationwide.

Perhaps at first, you were focused on a smaller impact, but you’re now in a position to make a much bigger impact.

Nonetheless, as an entrepreneur, you have to anchor yourself on your WHY.  Why did you start in the first place? Now, this memo from the heart is not focused on all the other skills, strategy and techniques that you need.

Rather, the emphasis here is to demonstrate that I found great clarity, joy, purpose and drive, when I became clear on my WHY.

Perhaps, on your entrepreneurial journey,  you have forgotten your why.  Don’t worry! Just take some time out and refocus again!  You have something wonderful in you to share with the world.  So, go ahead and do so!

If you were inspired in any way, then please feel free to like, comment or share! 

See you on DAY 2 of our transformational journey! Keep reading for more memos from the heart!

Peace and love from Peak Living with Mel!

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I am Dr. Tranquille. Director and Founder of MT Training Enterprises Ltd. I provide tailored coaching and training solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. When I am not working, I am mothering my four kids, spending cosy time with hubby or squeezing in time for Insanity with Shaun T.

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