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Mindset Our 365-Day Transformational Journey in Empowering Lives for Success!

Our 365-Day Transformational Journey in Empowering Lives for Success! Day 10

Don't rush the brush! Be patient with yourself!

For Day 10, my dear husband talks about being patient with yourself to see all your goals through. Don’t rush the brush, just press on towards the mark!

One thing that I find very interesting, is how easy it is for us to be patient with ourselves with regards to our day job. 

Could this be due to our training?

You see, from a very tender age, children are taught to find a good job; so they can pay the bills, pay their mortgage and put food on the table.  

Or, when we heard our parents talk about successful people; they usually referred to the following: the job s/he has, where they worked or how much money they made. 

As children, this imprinted a meaning of success in our minds; which meant studying hard, pursuing a degree or vocational study and getting a good job.

Then we enter the job market focused on earning a good salary.  Sometimes it takes us two lifetimes; or working between jobs, before finally landing our dream job.  Yet, you are patient with yourself.  You go through the learning curve and try to fit into the company’s culture and environment. 

Why? Because of those material aspirations that you have been trained to work towards as a child.  So, you work hard and patiently endure, till you could purchase your first car or first house.  Now don’t get me wrong! These are great and necessary goals.

However, my question today is this?

Why is it so difficult to equally be patient with ourselves to achieve other life goals?

My friends, I have learnt the answer to this valuable question.  

It is because we do not attach the same importance to these goals.

Perhaps, your goal is to start a family; get married; launch a new business; lose weight; stop smoking; complete your degree and the list goes on. Each of one of those goals, demands continued faith, perseverance and commitment, in order to have success.

It is crucial that you exercise the same patience you had to finally buy your house; despite the many years of job hopping and working overtime. 

On another note, there are times, when we began our journey towards other life goals with patience, but somewhere down the road, we lost it! 

In times like this, it pays to reflect upon the moments when you exercised patience. 

For example, remember how patient you were, when you first met your partner? 

Or, how patient you were when you got your first pet? 

Perhaps, it is when you had your first child. 

Once you have recalled that memory,  practice positive self-talk.  Tell yourself, that you have made a conscious decision to work hard towards ‘X’ goal and be patient. 

My friends, this is the decision that I have made on this transformational journey. It may not always be easy. 

But, what keeps me going, is seeing how far I’ve come. As Winston Churchill said “the further backward we look, is the further forward we will see.” 

So, what about you?

I’m sure you’ve made great strides of success in your life! Take a moment and reflect upon how far you’ve come.

Remember to be patient with yourself, no matter the goal.  Patience is a virtue and if you exercise it, then you will certainly find a whole new meaning to the purpose of every task.

Additionally, remember to celebrate every small WIN. This keeps you motivated towards your goals.

Once again, thanks for reading!

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Peace and love from Peak Living with Mel.

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