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Uncrushed – A Simple 3-Step Process to Break A Negative Mindset and Achieve Any Goal in Life

Dr. Melissa Tranquille draws from her life experiences and personal successes to demonstrate how our past experiences, mental programming, pattern of interpreting and much more, influence our state of being and the outcomes that we get in our life.

She illustrates how a simple three step process labelled as the RAC Method, meaning – Reflection Aspiration Change – can be used to break our negative way of thinking and reprogram our mind for success in our personal and professional life.

Dr. Tranquille reveals the art and power of reflection to redefine your life goals.  She provides the reader with some powerful exercises to work through the entire reflection cycle, so you can achieve success in all of your life goals.

The aspiration phase presents the acceptance dilemma and goes deep into some of the defence mechanisms that you must push through in order to redefine you.

Dr. Tranquille then elaborates on the change process which includes the adjustment of the lens with which you view failure. She takes you through the healing journey that is necessary for personal dominance and leaves you with some powerful steps to retrain your mind. If you are committed to your own personal growth and development, then this is a must read resource for you.

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Grow your business with Facebook Challenges

Complete Facebook Challenge Mastery Course. Set up and launch your own Facebook Challenge

Discover a RINSE and REPEAT method that will showcase your expertise, engage with your ideal client and expand your business. Grow your revenue with Facebook Challenges.

What’s inside this course?

  • Planning your challenge
  • Setting business goals
  • Making Your Challenge Promise
  • Choosing your target audience
  • Structuring your challenge
  • Preparing the content for your challenge
  • Creating an irresistible offer
  • The Technical genie - all the technical stuff made easy
  • Launching and promoting your challenge and more ...

This course has 53 lessons, 16 workbooks, keysheets, checklists and templates.

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The Big Business Clarity Workbook

100% business clarity, grow your revenue, set your client attraction and client retention strategy and more …

This training is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, consultants or anyone who wants to be successful in business and that ONLY happens when you real business clarity.

This training is designed to help you:

  • Get clarity on your business goals
  • Identify your customer attraction and customer retention strategy
  • Grow your revenue
  • Design your own STRENGTH Profile
  • Establish success principles that are relative to you

This program has been carefully crafted to guide you on a clear path to business success. It is a self-paced training that consists of a combination of self-assessment exercises.

How can the Big Business Clarity Workbook help me and my business?


This is a 48-page workbook with over 20 self-assessment exercises to help you to:


– focus on the income generating activities, so you can achieve increase revenue in your business

attract and retain clients because your business can only thrive with a steady flow of clients

-identify your own success principles, so you could maintain the right mindset for business success

-develop your own strength profile with a focus on skills growth and development

align your business goals with your vision and mission, so you can position yourself in the market.


Get The Entrepreneurial Success Training

Lifetime Access to all the Leap for Success Summit Videos and a 32 PageWorkbook 


Over 15 exercises designed to help you:

  • Get clarity on your business goals
  • Identify your customer attraction and customer retention strategy
  • Grow your revenue by focusing on income generating activities
  • Design your own STRENGTH Profile
  • Establish success principles that are relative to you


Sean Mize – How to Transform Your Life Calling or Mission into a Coaching Business(Please note that there is some background noise in this recording. Sean Mize was up in the mountains at the time of the recording. We have cleaned it up as much as we can.

– Dr. Melissa Tranquille – Success Principles that Every Entrepreneur or Professional Need

– Efren Maldonado – The Role is the Goal

– Cynthia Ann Leighton – You Can Stop Procrastinating    

– Yvonne A Jones – 5 Customer Retention Secrets Revealed – 5 Sure-fire Ways to Retain More Clients and Create More Cash Flow 

– Carol Bremner – Imagine the Possibilities Online

– Anthony Warren – How to Handle Difficult Conversations with the Ones You Love 

– Pam Maldonado – Dance Your Way to the Bank! Taking Your Coaching Business to the Next Level!

– FB Live Event with all Speakers!


What’s inside this course

  • – Identify your subconscious philosophy or concept of time
  • – Eliminate time-waste factors in your business, professional and personal life
  • – Effectively manage your disruptions
  • – Identify and overcome bad habits which cause you to mismanage your time
  • – Clearly define your business, professional and personal goals
  • – Emerge with clearly defined priorities in your business, professional and personal life
  • – Adopt effective productivity techniques
  • – Organize your home, work and social life as part of effective time management

What you get:

  • – 4 Big Workbooks consisting of over twenty (20) exercises to give you great wins in how you manage your time at work, in your business and even your personal life.
  • – 3 Powerful Audio Trainings that will leave you with some great tips or hacks to effectively manage your time.
  • – The Organized Mind eBook
  • Exclusive Bonus # 1 – 40 Productivity Tips for Work, Business and Home
  • Exclusive Bonus #2 – One of my top trainings – The Right and Wrongs of the To-do List
  • Exclusive Bonus #3 – FREE 10-minute planner


This training will help you to:

– Uncover your present definition of success

  • – Identify your top values and the things that matter the most to you
  • – Create a definition of success that is aligned with your core values and goals
  • – Formulate a success profile that relates to you and with goals that you OWN
  • – Create your own roadmap to get you from where you are now to the success that you want to achieve
  • – Be empowered for success at work, in your business and/or your personal life

What you get:

  • A 40 minute video training
  • 30 Page – Roadmap to Success Workbook
  • As a bonus, you also get my powerful interview delivered at the LEAP for Success Virtual Summit (Video)
  • The Audio version of the interview so you can listen to it whilst on the go

This program has been carefully designed to help you chart your own roadmap to success through a journey of personal development and self-assessment exercises.

This training has over 10 self-assessment exercises, which you complete after listening to the powerful video training.

Ready to SMASH 5 to 10 lbs in 6 weeks

Here’s what’s included:

  • SMASH FIVE Program Guide
  • SMASH FIVE Goal Setting Workbook
  • SMASH FIVE Six Week Workout Schedule
  • SMASH FIVE Food Chart
  • SMASH FIVE Tracking Your Progress Workbook
  • SMASH FIVE Visualization Power
  • SMASH FIVE Big Why Worksheet


  • VIDEO TRAINING – One Statistic That Could Change Your Results
  • VIDEO TRAINING – Nutrition for Weight Loss
  • Plus get access to our Facebook Community – Fitter Stronger Better Facebook Group

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