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Realign Your Life!

Hello everyone, permit me to share with you my thoughts on realigning your life!  Before writing this blog post, I conducted my research and browsed a few articles on how to realign your life.  They were all great pieces, but I stopped in my tracks and asked my self this simple question.  What does it mean to realign MY life? What does that mean to ME? There comes a time in our life when we need to pause and ask ourselves this  very same question.  What about you? Are you living a life in which you feel fulfilled? Are you pursuing a dream that is in alignment with your values? At the end of the day, do you feel contented, happy and peaceful? If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, then maybe it is time to realign your life.

What does realigning your life mean?

Realigning my life means a number of things to me.  For example:

Revisiting the vision and goals that I have for my life

Many of us go through life without having a vision of where we want to see ourselves.  Yet, we go to work everyday and comply with the company’s vision and goals. We fail to conduct an internal life audit and set similar aspirations for ourselves.  Setting a clear vision gives you direction and enables you to live a more purposeful life.

Becoming clearer about my values and principles

Do you know what your core values are? Do you know what drives you every day? When we become clearer about our values, we discover what truly matters to us. I am not recommending that you quit your 9 to 5 job because you hate it.  Rather, I propose that you search yourself and determine how you can re-position yourself to live the life you want.

Feeling more empowered and confident

The month of May has been a defining month for me.  My husband and I  stepped out of our comfort zones and decided to take back control in our life.  We began the process to launch two businesses, because we want to live a life of freedom and empowerment.  We strongly believe that realigning ourselves in this way will permit us to achieve that.  For you, it may mean going back to school, so you can re-position yourself in the future.  Or, it may mean going on a three day retreat to reconnect with yourself, so that you can return to your own business with authority and confidence to succeed.

Doing something I am passionate about 

A couple of weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of things I had to do to start up my own business.  I found myself going through the day just getting the job done.  However, at the end of the day I did not feel a sense of joy or accomplishment for the major tasks I had completed.  I recognised that I needed to regain my passion.  So, realigning my life meant unearthing those things that were stealing my passion and joy and letting them go.


How can we realign our life?

There are several ways we can realign our life.  I like to draw from my personal experiences.  So, I propose the following:

Begin your journey of Self-discovery

Get a journal and begin to write about your day.  You can chose to do this for seven days or for a time period relative to your situation.  Write about the things that made you happy, sad, troubled, or any limiting beliefs you had and overcame that day.  Talk about your core values and core beliefs. Perform a SWOT analysis on yourself.  This strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis can be quite revealing. At the end of this journey, you will discover those things in your life that are just causing you clutter and need to be eliminated and those things that are working for you.  You will also have a better understanding of who you are and what makes you happy in life!

Establish your Vision

Take some time out and write a vision for your life.  Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? How about ten years? What type of retirement would you like to have?  This gives you a great sense of direction and purpose for your life.  Sure, things may happen that can alter the course of your life. I recommend that you focus on the positive anyway and deal with uncertainties when they arise.

Make a Plan

Have you ever tried to go shopping without a plan for what you want to buy and how much money you would like to spend? If you do, you most certainly may end up buying things that you don’t need and spending more than you need to.  The same principle applies.  Craft a long term and short term plan for your life, but remember to leave some room for flexibility.

Get it Done!

It’s quite fulfilling to have plans in place, but it is equal devastating when we fail to take action.  Stop procrastinating and take the steps to achieving your goals today!  Break them down into small manageable goals.  For example, your annual plan broken up into quarterly plans.  Then design your monthly goals and break them down into weeks.  Then set your daily goals before you start your day.  This is the strategy that I use in my personal and business life.

Stay true to your passion!

Your passion will serve as a motivator in both the good and tough times.  Your passion is that drive or intense feeling you have towards something, a cause or a project.  For example, my passion is to help others and make a positive impact in their lives.

Stir your faith

I believe that it is impossible to accomplish anything without exercising your faith. Take the time to reconnect with God and stir your faith.  You have to believe in your heart that you can achieve your dreams.  There is an old saying that ‘what you focus on is what will come to you’.  If you fail to exercise faith, then doubt and fear will dominate your life.  These are two major stumbling blocks to our success! What are those things that you need to have faith for today?

I leave you with this powerful video by Tony Robbins  – ‘Limitless Passion’.  It greatly encouraged me and I hope that it will do the same for you.




After looking at this video, give me a shout out! Let me know if this article inspired you to realign your life and pursue those things that really matters to you.

For now, blessing, peace, love and light! Have a wonderful weekend.

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