Dear reader,

Are you a coach who wants to start a profitable coaching business?
Or perhaps you already have a coaching business and you are ready to grow, market and scale.
 What if I told you that there is a proven system for manifesting more abundance in your coaching business? A system that will help you to get into absolute alignment, attract clients, grow and scale your practice.
You’ll be able to spend less time on the ‘busy work’ of running your business and more time doing what you love most – helping people live their best lives!


Welcome to my Signature Absolute Alignment One to One Coaching Program

Absolute AlignmentTM Group Program is designed to help you to get into absolute alignment and grow, market and scale your coaching business, so you could live the life that you want!!! 

Tell me, my friend, have you been working extremely long hours in your business and find that you’re still don’t have the freedom that you are looking for?


Have you been posting everyday on social media, creating endless content, joined countless Facebook, LinkedIn or other social groups, but you still can’t see any leads coming into your inbox?


Have you been creating Facebook stories, Instagram stories, showing up everywhere but still unable to attract your soul clients?


My friend, if you’ve answered yes to all these questions, then I may just have the solution for you.


You see, statistics show that 60% of small business in the UK, USA, Australia and even Canada, fail, and many of them within the first five years.


If you’ve been doing any of these, then just stop right now: running expensive ads, purchasing course after course, jumping from one complex launch to another over and over again … you are just wasting tons of money, time and energy.


Do you want to continue feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, wasting your precious time and energy for no results?


I’m very sure that your answer is a RESOUNDING NO!

  I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spends tons of money on expensive ads.

You don’t need to rush off and buy the next best shiny object or software that 

doesn’t deliver on its’ promises.


You can stop working 80 hours with your hope of one day enjoying a 4-hour work week.


You no longer need to spend endless hours a week creating social media content, so you could grow your coaching business.

 My friend, I know because I have been there.

When I started my business two and a half years ago, I was putting in long hours, doing all the busy work and creating tons and tons of content.


This only left me feeling completely overwhelmed, frustrated and burnout.


Not to mention all the negative thoughts and persistent doubts.


You see, I was running my business from home, juggling my four kids and I had reached the point of burnout.


I had to find a way to manage it all.


I had to find a consistent and repeatable strategy that will cause me to grow, market and scale my business. 

After joining FOUR masterminds, working with TWO private coaches and now with a multiple six figure coach, I found my ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENT.
So, I decided to create my unique ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENTTM Signature One to One Coaching Program, so other coaches, consultants and business owners like yourself do not have to continue to waste time, energy and money chasing the next shiny object, building the next complex funnel, running expensive ads or creating unnecessary content.  Plus, you get the added benefit of gaining more confidence, determination, faith and manifestation power as you learn how to apply the law of attraction to your business strategy.  


My Signature ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENT ™ Personal Coaching Program has been specifically designed to get you to grow, market and scale your business by getting into absolute alignment with the universe, your higher power, whilst following your repeatable strategy for income generation.

You will become an energetic match to your ideal clients.


You will become a deliberate conscious creator of your own wealth.


You will save tons of money, time and energy by following a repeatable strategy for business growth and success.


 When you join my ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENT Signature Personal Coaching Program, you will get the support that you need to manifest FAST results in your business.

 So, here’s how it works:


1. We will work together for 12 weeks.  We will meet for one hour via zoom for your personal coaching session.

2. You get Lifetime Access to the Absolute Alignment Self Study Program.

3. You also get TWO 15-minutes laser accountability sessions.

Here’s a look inside the Absolute Alignment Self Study Program.


PILLAR ONE – Absolute Alignment Foundational Blocks for Success

Get into absolute alignment with the universe by understanding who you are and your power as a deliberate creator.  Release all fears, limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from manifesting abundance in your business and your life.  Get both yourself and your business in alignment by taking key important steps to clarify your business goals, manage your time and develop a powerful success routine. 

PILLAR TWO – Law of Attraction Toolbox

Learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest business and personal goals. Learn the secrets to attracting more money into your life.

PILLAR 3 – Build An Aligned Coaching Business

Do the deep ideal client work. Design an amazing coaching program and create an irresistible offer. You will learn how to write your offer document and optimize your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for conversion.  During the pillar you will also learn how to work in flow and achieve the heights of productivity.  You get some must have systems and automations for your coaching business.  Insight into what you must measure, track and evaluate and then manage your money like a top boss.


PILLAR FOUR – Powerful Attraction Marketing 

During this pillar you get the tools that you need to manage your content like a pro. You will create your unique content strategy and learn how to show up consistently and powerfully.  This pillar also reveals how to get targeted leads from LinkedIn and Facebook and steps on how to master the sales process.   You will also get access to our hot training on accelerating your leads to earn £5 to £10K in 60 days.

PLUS, Bonus Trainings


As you can see, my Signature Absolute Alignment Personal Coaching Program takes all of the guessing out of the way and gives you the EXACT STEPS that you need to align with the universe and grow, market and scale your business, so you could have more time and energy to spend doing the things that you love.

 Plus, when you join you get these amazing bonuses.

  + Lifetime access to our Law of Attraction Toolkit –

a powerful 21-day training jam packed with dozens of manifestation techniques that you can use to manifest your heart’s desire.


+  Lifetime access to the complete Facebook Challenge Mastery Training – 

this is a complete course that teaches you how to set up, launch and monetize your Facebook Challenge. It comes with checklists, worksheets and templates. 


+  Lifetime Access to the Complete List Building Mastery Training –

this is a comprehensive training that teaches you how to build an email list

with targeted qualified leads. 


  *** Client Appreciation ***  


  “Melissa is very dedicated. She is a professional who naturally manages to make you feel at ease. Melissa is a brilliant coach and trainer whose compassion, understanding and patience gives you the advantage you need to become successful in the coaching industry” – Angelina Brathwaite  


  Melissa is the first one on one coach I have ever had. She came to my rescue when I needed to get some personal definition and structure to my online journey. “What a joy it has been to work with her. She is also well versed with many of the technical steps I had to take and was able to point me to the help I needed to solve that problem. She is extremely organized and has logical systems in place to track your progress, thus keeping you accountable”. – Lloyd Portman, Coach  


“Dr Melissa enabled me to put actions in place that I would not have considered without her guidance. I was hopeful that Dr Melissa would be able to help me and she exceeded my expectations. I was feeling a little disillusioned with my marketing strategy and mindset prior to working with Dr Melissa but after the business power hour session, I felt a shift. Dr Melissa’s help gave me a renewed confidence and hope in what I was doing. It was definitely what I needed and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others. The 3 top benefits I received from working with Mel are: Exercises to help with my mindset, clear marketing strategy and renewed hope!” – Mimie Wallace


 My Signature ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENT Personal Coaching PROGRAM is for you if:

 You are a business owner, coach or consultant who has been running your business for a while, but have not been able to generate consistent leads and revenue.

You are a new coach, consultant or business owner and you are ready to learn with the help of an expert.


You are currently working extremely long hours on your business and would love more time freedom 


You want to learn a repeatable strategy, so you could have a more consistent income.


You want to finally release all those fears, limiting beliefs and doubts that plague you, so you could quantum leap in your business.


You are coachable and willing to be guided and can accept honest feedback.


You are willing to be called out on your BS excuses and you are ready to do what it takes to build the business of your dreams.


You are ready to raise your vibration and become a deliberate wealth creator.



This program is not for you if:

  You are looking for a get rich quick scheme.

You believe that you know everything there is to know on a subject and cannot be taught.


You are unwilling to try new things and see new perspectives.



  Frequently Asked Questions


When does this programme start?


You get access to the ALL of the content right away.

 How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access to all the content, bonus modules and future updates.

 How do I get support?

You will receive LIVE SUPPORT at our one to one personal coaching session.  

  How do I join this Signature Absolute Alignment Personal Coaching Program?

Just click the button below and choose the payment option that suits your needs.  


I’ve tried different programs before; would this program really help me?


I really do get it.  This program is the first of its kind to marry the law of attraction with business strategy, so you could get in absolute alignment with both the universe and your business strategy.  With this program, you will get the RIGHT support, guidance and accountability that you need to grow, market and scale your business, so you could have more time to spend on the things that you love.  


What if I have more questions before I purchase?


That’s perfectly fine.  Just CLICK HERE to book a call so we could get all your questions answered. 




 *** Client Appreciation ***  
 “Thank you for your in-depth explanation of what is required of me to fully invest in my business regarding marketing/strategy wise.  You are a pleasant individual and an approachable individual.  You really care for your clients and you genuinely want their business to strive” – Janet
“Melissa provided great clarity and helped me to change my perspective. I had been stuck in a state of confusion about what to do next in my business for weeks. One hour with Melissa got me straightened out and back on track. She was recommended by someone that I respect deeply. My expectations were exceeded. I also received personalized resources that fit my situation. I recommend Melissa’s coaching services whole-heartedly” – Paul Silva

“I have often struggled to get everything done to make my marketing work. Melissa showed me some clear and simple strategies to make my marketing more effective without having to spend hours doing so. I now feel I can get the things done that will have the best results. I no longer feel overwhelmed. Thanks for your honest, clear and sound suggestions. You share your knowledge so openly. If you feel lost with the best way forwards on social media do have a session with Melissa, she can help you”. – Jacqui 


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