My Law of Attraction Signature Coaching Programme is a 6-Week Program that is designed and tailored to your exact needs and desired outcomes, whether it is personal, professional or business.   This program will lift your vibration and put you in the driver’s seat of your life as you deliberately create the life of your dreams.


Are you ready to become a deliberate creator?

Have you been struggling to achieve a goal in a particular area of your life?

Are you tired of feeling out of control and disappointed about your results in your personal, business or professional life?

Do you love the idea of becoming a deliberate creator and designing a life filled with love, hope, joy, happiness and prosperity using the law of attraction?

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you want:

♦ To discover true happiness, having gained real awareness and learnt those powerful techniques that allows you to efficiently handle any situation that comes your way.   Walking in the wisdom that everything happens for a reason  and it is all part of the master design.

♦ To learn how to achieve your goals, whether the focus is personal, professional or business, using the law of attraction.

♦ To wake up everyday feeling filled with purpose as you step into the best version of yourself.  You have utmost clarity on exactly who you want to become and the life that you want to have.

♦ To raise your vibration and learn the keys to walk in harmony of mind, thoughts and actions so you can feel that inner peace and contentment.

♦ Positively uplifting coaching sessions that leaves you feeling empowered to achieve any life goals.

♦ To gain access to a vast range of tools that you can use to achieve success by mastering the Law of Attraction in your life.

How does it work?

♦ Six structured one to one 60 minutes personal coaching sessions delivered via zoom or over the phone.

♦ Weekly 15-minutes catch up calls to give you further support and remain accountable.

♦ Unlimited email and messenger access to me to help you to remain focused and stay on track towards your goals.

♦ Personalized assignments and exercises to support you throughout your journey.

♦  Lifetime Access to my Law of Attraction toolkit that you can refer to at any time you see fit.

♦ Suggested readings to support the work that we will do together throughout the programme.

The Programme:

The programme takes you through three phases:

PHASE 1 – Release and Cleanse

This first phase of the programme focuses on releasing all of the vibrational blocks that have been working against you in your life.  You will go through various cleansing exercises to prepare your path for increasing happiness, joy, love, prosperity and well-being in your life.  

PHASE 2 – Alignment

This phase focuses on bringing you into alignment with your dreams. You will go through the processes that allow you to connect energetically with the universe so you can manifest with joy and ease.

PHASE 3 – Deliberate Creation

At this stage you are now empowered to build your dream life and will do so with utmost confidence and strong expectation.  

Why should you work with me:?

I am a certified Law of Attraction Coach and I have been having fun all my life manifesting the love of my life, lotto numbers, large sums of money, £3K coaching with a multiple 6-figure coach and more.

You will go beyond just affirmations and vision boards and achieve success and true happiness by understanding and applying the law of attraction.

I have been working with clients all over the world as I help them to become empowered, aligned and deliberate creators of their own life.

***Client Appreciation ***

“I got way more than I was expecting! Dr. Tranquille was very easy to talk to and kept the call flowing. She had a layout of what the call would look like and stayed on track with that guiding me through a very organized process. She gave me hope for a better future. She gave me strength! It was almost as if she believed in me more than I or my loved ones ever have. My life is shifting in the direction I’ve always hoped for. I can feel it happening. It started a couple of weeks ago when I first joined the manifestation group and attended Melissa’s money manifestation workshop. And since our one on one session I have been gaining even more clarity on what that looks like! I am so very excited for the future and so grateful for Dr. Tranquil:)” – Carisa

“Coach Melissa is wise in the way she took my situation and put it in a way that I could see the problems with how I thought of money and how I can change that situation and change my money story that I am abundant and money flows to me. Whatever you are going through and the stories you are telling yourself -that you are not worthy of having money – Dr Melissa will show you that you worthy of having money and anything you desire. She will help you by working through the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and see how they have been serving you and how you can change and get rid of those beliefs replacing them with positive beliefs” – Joy

“Coach Melissa is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. She welcomes people with such a warm heart and genuinely cares about helping make a difference in the lives of those she touches. I found Dr. Melissa at a time when I needed to make a shift in my mindset. Since I have been attending Coach Melissa’s training, I have learned that I had the power in me all along. Her positivity, wisdom, and encouragement have helped me to tap into my inner genius and I am now using this to help change the world. Thank you Coach Melissa! I would highly recommend her as a mentor, coach, and friend” – Catherine

“Melissa is very dedicated. She is a professional who naturally manages to make you feel at ease. Melissa is a brilliant coach and trainer whose compassion , understanding and patience gives you the advantage you need to become successful” – Angelina

If you are ready to become a deliberate creator and experience true happiness so you can build the life of your dreams, then let’s have a chat about how we can work together.

Here’s an opportunity to also preview the Client Agreement that will be binding our arrangement. CLICK HERE to preview.