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Why do my personal values in life matter?

A big hello to you my dear reader,

How would you respond to the pop quiz below.  The answers are for you only.

  1. Should I get a new job, or perhaps rearrange my hours? I really miss family time.
  2. What career should I choose? I really don’t want to end up like my father.
  3. Why do people get married? I’m never getting married or having kids.

I’m absolutely sure that you had a response for each of the questions above.  Even if it is, ‘why is she asking this?’  Let me reassure that there is no right or wrong answer. Neither am I going to judge you because of your response.  Rather, I’m here to demonstrate that regardless of your response, it was informed by your values.  Values may seem to be an insignificant topic.  But, whether we recognise it or not, values exist and they impact our every decision.


So what are values?

Values are typically the things that you believe are important in the way you live your life.  Your priorities, decisions, and choices on what matters to you are based on your values. Life seems good when your values align with what you do.  However, your values are not fixed and rooted in stone.  They can change, although it takes a drastic event for this to occur.  Such as the death or illness of a loved one.  Thus, we can safely say that your values can evolve!

We all have numerous values.  Such as love, honesty, creativity, authenticity, freedom, generosity, calmness, assertiveness and the list goes on.  There are over 200 personal values. However, if we do take the time to study ourselves, we will discover that there are some values that weigh heavier than others.  These are our core values which top our personal values list.


Why is it important to understand our values?

When you understand your values, you are able to better determine what motivates you to act.  You will also gain a deeper perspective of why your life is the way it is.  For example, why is my life so unbalanced right now? Why am I unhappy with my job? It could be because the things that you prioritise and value are not being met and this is the root source of your unhappiness. Your values therefore influence your decisions, feelings, actions, behaviours, which then impacts your life results.


So, what do I do?

Define your values!


Yes that right! The answer sounds easy, but it involves a deep and thoughtful process.


I provide coaching services to help people identify their core values.  This in turn helps them to make better life decisions and therefore live a happier and more meaningful life.


My first recommendation is to TURN A NEW PAGE and begin to see the LIGHT IN YOUR LIFE! By this I mean, go back to the times in your life when you were the happiest; when you felt proud and honoured; when life was more gratifying.  Turn the SWITCH on these experiences and you will see a pattern.  You will notice the re-occurrence of certain values.  Compare your values and write down the top six.

After you have done this, I invite you to sit back, close your eyes and try to visualise a time when each of those values was present and you were happy or well pleased.  Are these top values aligned with your personal life decisions, or work life right now? If not, ask yourself this ONE QUESTION? What do I need to change, in order to live the life that I want!


Not too long ago I completed this very same exercise.  Family, freedom, balance and helping others emerged as my four top values.  In order to bring alignment in my life, I subsequently decided to become an Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach.  In this way, life could be more meaningful to both me and my family!  What about you? What is that one thing that you have always wanted to do? You feel that deep need to accomplish that goal because of your core value! Rise up, take the first step out of your comfort zone and make that difference today!

Peace and love from Peak Living with Mel!



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Dr. Melissa Tranquille

I am Dr. Tranquille. Director and Founder of MT Training Enterprises Ltd. I provide tailored coaching and training solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. When I am not working, I am mothering my four kids, spending cosy time with hubby or squeezing in time for Insanity with Shaun T.

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